Your writing must stand on its own, so it needs clarity, strength and style.


Through years of practice, I’ve honed my ability to transform rough drafts into outstanding work, helping writers of all levels and backgrounds to achieve real results.


After graduating with a BA in English from Harvard, I was awarded a 3-year fellowship to study writing in the MFA program at Syracuse University. The years of professional experience that I gained thereafter have familiarized me with many fields of academia, the arts, law and business.


During my three years as Managing Editor at the NYS Science & Technology Law Center at SU College of Law, I met strict deadlines and upheld high standards for a sizeable readership.


To further enhance the value of my services, I continually supplement my education by attending courses taught by specialized scholars and contemporary authors.


As your editor, I make sure that your ideas get the full attention, respect and results they deserve.


For a free sample, please send me a page or two of your work...